What is Bob's Basic System?

Software Designed by a Builder Exclusively for Construction Contractors

Bob’s Basic System is a series of Microsoft ® Excel templates (computerized blank forms) designed by a builder for all types of construction contractors. The system contains templates that enable you to prepare a job estimate, track actual project expenses, invoice the customer for all material and/or labor and analyze your hourly wages and other operating expenses to insure that you remain profitable on every job.

  • Templates are simple and easy to use 
  • Designed to allow you to calculate your own quantities and type of materials
  • Designed for you to enter bids from suppliers for each job priced
  • Performs all math calculations, adds sales tax and profit mark up as you specify
  • Provides a place for you to specify the use of material for your job foreman 
  • Contains construction job costing templates for small and large jobs
  • Includes a hourly wage analysis sheet to help you calculate total wage cost and charges
  • Itemized invoice templates to assist in billing
  • The job cost record is a stand alone feature and does not tie into your accounting system
  • Large job cost records compares the actual to estimate by section so you can track errors
  • Instantly creates a history of your job costs that will make future estimates easier and more accurate
  • Assist you in begining to using Microsoft® Excel, a very powerful spreadsheet program

What Bob's Basic System Isn't

Bob’s Basic System is not a complicated system! If you are currently completing manual estimates, invoices and job cost records by hand and wish to start using a computerized digital copy to make your work faster, easier and present a more professional image - then this is the simpliest way to start.

  • The software is not a system that will require you to maintain a database of prices 
  • The software is stand alone - it does not integrate with your accounting records
  • The System does not require hiring more personnel or a computer expert
  • The System does not include Microsoft® Excel, which you will need to purchase separately
  • This is not a book or software about using Excel