Bob's Basic System Video Tutorials

Bob’s Basic System Software tutorials for the Microsoft® Excel templates can be found within our convinent links located along the right hand navigation of this page.  Our Construction Contractor Software tutorials are intended to give you an understanding of how the templates function and their use for your individual business needs. The comprehensive instruction manual further covers the details which are not shown in our online tutorials.

The “How They Work” tutorial explains in general terms how all of the templates function. There is also a tutorial for each template. The index of the tutorials is in sequence from simplest to most complicated. The simpliest being templates for small projects to those for the more complicated large projects. The last tutorial is wage analysis, which is considered one of the most important profit areas for any small business.

Use the links on the right to choose which video you wish to view. You may also download each video in compressed format, using the link that will appear below each video player.  Due to the size of the tutorial videos, we highly recommend the download option if you experience trouble viewing over slower connections such as dialup or slower DSL/Cable connections.