Bob's Basic System

What Is Bob's Basic System

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Bob's Basic System is a series of templates designed to assist the small volume builder in getting started using Microsoft Excel.

System requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or newer.

Is Bob's Basic System for Me

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Bob's Basic System is what you need.

Bob's Basic System is a series of Microsoft Excel templates (computerized blank forms) designed by a builder for all types of construction contractors. The system contains templates that enable you to prepare a job estimate, track actual project expenses, invoice the customer for all material and/or labor, and analyze your hourly wages and other operating expenses to ensure that you remain profitable on every job.

This system can easily be used by the computer novice. However, a basic knowledge of computers and a class in Microsoft Excel will be very helpful in getting the maximum benefits from these templates.

What Bob's Basic System Isn't

Bob's Basic System is not a complicated system. If you are currently doing manual estimates and want to start using a computer to speed up your work, then this is a simple and easy way to start.